Kurt Lincoln is the end product of many brainstorming days; days spent trodding the pavements of not just London, but major cities of the world in search of classy shoes that fit into every part of a modern lifestyle. Shoes that can take you from hiking the fens, to pounding the pavement with significant others on their epic shopping sprees, to partying in the evenings, back to the office, attending a function or meeting scary parents.  But, life should be lived with class and comfort; shoes should pack a punch without looking like another generic “just another girl/guy” .  We understand that everyone is different, and what we produce, even though we think it cannot perhaps get any better, allows you the freedom to create your own masterpiece.  After all, who says you should be satisfied with what is on the store shelf?  Therefore, we offer a customizing service for you to unleash the artist within you, to walk on your own creation.

It is perhaps destiny that we were manifested in the shoe making capital of the World here in the UK. What better motivation is there than to live and breathe the air within the shoe factory of the world?  This is where the cobblers to Royalty purvey their wares. This is where Kurt Lincoln was born after the slog of canvassing (begging) many an unwilling manufacturer to help realise our dream.

The company’s aim is to offer elegant and luxury handcrafted shoes made from the finest leathers; targeted to the discerning gentleman and woman. 

All products offered on our e-boutique platform are made in limited quantities as it is our desire to operate an eco friendly business to help to preserve the planet for a better future for generations to come. For us to achieve our goal of working within a sustainable business model, we aim to only work closely with manufacturers who share the same ethos and principles. 

As a new brand within the global marketplace, we hope you will appreciate the effort we have spent in curating products that convey our passion to you. We only advocate what we ourselves would want to wear. We hope you will gain many years of pleasure wearing our shoes. 

“If you have feet you should wear good shoes”.. V.W